2021 Courses

Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals - Recap 

Monday 1st March - Friday 11th June 2021

The Chesterfield Sheffield & Derby FRCS Clinical Examination Course would like to thank everyone who registered for and completed the Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals Recap Course. 

This virtual event was a chance for anyone who missed out on the 2020 Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals to access the to the fantastic content in preparation for the Spring exams. We hope that all delegates enjoyed the event and felt that it was useful preparation.

Just a small sample of the cases that were included: Hip arthrodesis | Femoral malunion | Polio and knee replacement failure | Knee ligamentous deficiencies | Post traumatic knee arthritis | Below Knee amputation | Cavovarus feet | Pes planovalgus | Hallux valgus | The stiff ankle | Cervical myelopathy | Foot drop | Kyphosis | Ankylosing spondylitis | Scoliosis | Cleidocranial dysostosis | Achondroplasia | Cerebral palsy | Neurofibromatosis | Fibula hemimelia | Shoulder cuff arthropathy | Distal biceps rupture | ACJ dislocation | Winged scapula | Radio-ulna synostosis | Brachial plexus | Ulna nerve lesion | Dropped fingers | Dupuytrens | 1st CMC joint OA | Radial Club hand.

If you have finished the course, please keep an eye on your inbox for the opportunity to provide feedback. To ensure that we continually improve our delivery of these events, we would now like to hear about your thoughts and experiences with the Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals Recap Course. 

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