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Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals


Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals 2022

2nd May - 21st Jun

The Chesterfield Sheffield & Derby FRCS Clinical Examination Course would like to present our Virtual Course for 2022. The course content will be available on demand between Monday 2nd May - Tuesday 21st June 2022 to help delegates prepare for the upcoming JCIE and JSCFE (International) FRCS Clinical Examinations. Please note that this course will contain pre-recorded content and is not live.

This online course will provide lectures on all sub-specialty orthopaedic examinations  as well as extensive videos of common clinical cases and how to demonstrate essential clinical findings when asked by examiners. The new format of the FRCS clinical examination now utilises a significant proportion of simulation and very little patient contact. This however should not detract anyone preparing for the exams from being able to describe key salient features relevant for specific cases. We are confident that this course will equip the participant with the ability to tackle common cases often encountered in the FRCS examinations.

Just a small sample of the cases that were included: Hip arthrodesis | Femoral malunion | Polio and knee replacement failure | Knee ligamentous deficiencies | Post traumatic knee arthritis | Below Knee amputation | Cavovarus feet | Pes planovalgus | Hallux valgus | The stiff ankle | Cervical myelopathy | Foot drop | Kyphosis | Ankylosing spondylitis | Scoliosis | Cleidocranial dysostosis | Achondroplasia | Cerebral palsy | Neurofibromatosis | Fibula hemimelia | Shoulder cuff arthropathy | Distal biceps rupture | ACJ dislocation | Winged scapula | Radio-ulna synostosis | Brachial plexus | Ulna nerve lesion | Dropped fingers | Dupuytrens | 1st CMC joint OA | Radial Club hand.

To give all delegates enough time to watch and appreciate the extensive library of examination and case videos, delegates will receive four weeks’ worth of access within these timeframes. We hope that this will give you the optimal opportunity to peruse the platform at your convenience.


The HSJ Partnership Awards


We are delighted to announce that the Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals was shortlisted for 'Best Educational Programme for the NHS' at the HSJ Partnership Awards! Congratulations to all other nominees and to the 2020 organising committee for the outstanding teamwork.

Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals 2020 

Three days. Twenty five faculty members. Sixty patients. Over 120 Delegates.
Our Chesterfield Sheffield & Derby FRCS Clinical Examination Course has taken place in September or October every year since 2005. It's focus is to provide orthopaedic surgeons in the UK and around the world, the hands on experience of examining and discussing patients from all orthopaedic sub-specialties ranging from children's orthopaedics to adult orthopaedics and spinal surgery.

A usual course would see us train up to 48 surgeons and hopefully equip them with the knowledge and skills to manage a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions and in doing so, prepare them for their final accreditation examinations prior to practicing as consultant surgeons.

COVID-19 arriving to the UK in early 2020 brought a significant barrier in our ability to deliver this course in its typical face to face format due to the restrictions placed on large gatherings. Instead of cancelling our course like countless other similar organisations in the UK, the organisers decided to deliver this integral form of education to surgeons via a virtual format in October 2020. 


During the event we showcased over 14 lectures and 60 professionally pre-recorded and edited clips of real patients from all sub-specialties. This educational event was delivered live through a webinar format with expert faculty providing additional live discussion-based teaching on the day, whilst answering questions from over 120 delegates from around the world. To our knowledge, this was the first ever course of its kind in the world, a similar accomplishment our normal course has built its reputation on over the years.

2020 Course Feedback 

"Really valuable, and very grateful for the work that made this possible despite COVID. Well structured, chaired, filmed and explained throughout"

"I did not expect the virtual course to be that good. Very well organized and to the point"

"Very well organised and delivered. Covered a lot of material with concise quality relevant teaching"

"Certainly the best course I have attended. I would recommend this to everyone. It was a great experience which help us identify what is expected to pass the FRCS section II"

"Overall, the course was well organised and comprehensive. It was an academic feast with examiners demonstrating the signs and clinical findings. It makes the exam preparation very easy"

"Excellent course. Excellent format. Delivered perfectly"

"I was incredibly impressed by the variety of cases and the fantastic explanations"

"Impressive faculty and demonstrations. Love the logical explanation of each clinical examination"


This video was filmed as a representation of what to expect at the physical course, but please use this as a reference of the same excellent standard of teaching that will be delivered through our Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals.