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Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals 2020 

1st & 2nd October


Three days. Twenty five faculty members. Sixty patients.
The Chesterfield, Sheffield & Derby Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals Is pleased to announce the first reveal of cases captured during the pre-recording sessions for the first event of its kind coming on Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd October 2020.
Just a small sample of the cases you can expect to see includes: Hip arthrodesis | Femoral malunion | Polio and knee replacement failure | Knee ligamentous deficiencies | Post traumatic knee arthritis | Below Knee amputation | Cavovarus feet | Pes planovalgus | Hallux valgus | The stiff ankle | Cervical myelopathy | Foot drop | Kyphosis | Ankylosing spondylitis | Scoliosis | Cleidocranial dysostosis | Achondroplasia | Cerebral palsy | Neurofibromatosis | Fibula hemimelia | Shoulder cuff arthropathy | Distal biceps rupture | ACJ dislocation | Winged scapula | Radio-ulna synostosis | Brachial plexus | Ulna nerve lesion | Dropped fingers | Dupuytrens | 1st CMC joint OA | Radial Club hand
To secure your place on the course, act fast and book your place before 12pm on Wednesday 30th September.


We have been closely monitoring the JCIE and decisions made on future FRCS examinations. The examinations for November 2020 and early 2021 will still take place, however, the format will be amended according to restrictions at the time  due to the pandemic.  The design of Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals has already carefully taken this into account, given the wealth of experience from past UK examiners that form our faculty base.


It is likely that there will be significant utilisation of remote facilities and limited patient contact.  Final plans are yet to be confirmed however. Examination techniques and patient signs and how to elicit them will still be tested through descriptive communication and clinical scenarios should no actual patient contact take place. We will continue to monitor for any confirmed changes in the format of the examinations, however, the Virtual format of this course lends itself ideally to enhancing your powers of observation  whilst rehearsing and  describing relevant  signs usually present for common pathologies encountered in the FRCS examinations. We will demonstrate these through actual  patients examined by faculty that we have professionally recorded for all Orthopaedic sub-specialties


VIRTUAL ORTHOPAEDIC CLINICALS 2020 - 1st & 2nd October 2020

Due to the recent pandemic and restrictions that currently remain, the team have decided to deliver our excellence in clinical examination and education through a virtual online platform. This will be delivered in the form of a webinar hosted by experienced consultant faculty.


The webinar will consist of the following key educational components:


  • Pre-recorded lectures to cover all orthopaedic examinations delivering principles taught at our course.

  • Pre-recorded examinations of patients or faculty demonstrating key features of common exam pathology and providing exam-ready answers to pathology often seen in the FRCS Tr & Orth Clinical Examinations for each sub-specialty (Patient recordings are subject to national guidance on patient contact and social distancing. The faculty will however video techniques for each case on each other, in the unlikely circumstance that we are not allowed any patient contact).

  • Examination pearls. There are often several key examinations that due to constraints in our normal timetable cannot be covered in detail. We hope by pre-recording these we will now be able to comprehensively deliver topics such as:


  • Gait for the FRCS Tr & Orth

  • Rotational profile and assessing leg length discrepancy

  • Paediatric Spotters - What I need to know for the exam (James Fernandes - Sheffield Children’s Hospital and past FRCS examiner)


The webinar will be run in sections over 2 days. Course content will consist of between 12 to 15 hours of teaching. Although majority of the content delivered will be pre-recorded, the webinar and sub-specialty sections will be hosted live by consultant faculty. Questions from delegates will be answered through a faculty moderator and during the webinar there will be the facility to answer these questions through live videoed demonstrations. 


A course workbook of lectures will be provided as an aide memoire for recording essential principles delivered by our seasoned lecturers.


We recommend that delegates intending to attend the webinar make study leave arrangements to do so. Course registration is now open online.  Course registration fee is £350.


Patient confidentiality including intellectual property of the lecturers is of our utmost concern. Every delegate attending will need to provide a signed disclaimer agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions of attending the webinar before being provided with a single user logon for access to the webinar. The course will be provided in webinar format and no recordings will be available following this.

Registration is now open. 

Click here to visit the registration page


This video was filmed as a representation of what to expect at the physical course, but please use this as a reference of the same excellent standard of teaching that will be delivered through the Virtual Orthopaedic Clinicals 2020.

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